An open flexible investment platform allowing financial advisors, investment managers, family offices, high net worth individuals and many other professionals the possibilty to create their own dedicated onshore and regulated sub-fund, with a wide range of investment strategies such as hedge funds, real estate, private equity, islamic finance, art and microfinance funds.

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The Advantages

  • Time-to-Market
  • Broad Scope of Eligible Investors
  • Infinite Possibilities of Investment Strategies
  • Lower Administrative Burden
  • Tailor-Made Vehicle
  • Innovative Financial Structure
  • Lightly Regulated onshore investment fund
  • A Favorable Tax Regime
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  • Case studies

    Case studies about Luxif (Specialised Investment Fund in Luxembourg)

    To highlight solutions and opportunities offered by LUXIF SICAV-SIF, we have made available on our website various case studies drawn from our experience where LUXIF SICAV-SIF has proven to be effective either as a holding vehicle or as an investment vehicle both for HNWI and institutional and experienced investment managers.

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  • Why Luxembourg ?

    Why Luxembourg and the Specialised Investment Fund

    Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund center after the US with a long-standing experience in both the financial and private banking sectors.

    Luxembourg has a developed fund industry with above EUR 2,000.- billion AUM for regulated UCIs, 149 banks, over 26,000.- bank employees and 14,000.- employees of other professionals of the financial sector.

    The success of Luxembourg as a major investment hub is based on its very stable economy, with a comparatively good public deficit management and no important tax reform foreseen within the next years.

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